Bahamas 101

The Commonwealth of the Bahamas, or more widely known as the Bahamas are 700 islands, cays and inlets in the Atlantic Ocean that make up a country! It is located just Southeast of the state of Florida and it’s capitol is Nassau. Something interesting is that Columbus made his first landfall in the Bahamas in 1492. In 1718 the Bahamas became a British Crown colony and the British took the time and effort to clamp down on piracy.

Bimini is the closest island to the United States and it is commonly known as the gateway to the Bahamas. The largest island is Andros Island and it has hundreds of small inlets of its own. As you could well imagine one of the biggest employers on the island of Andros is the Bahamian government. Tourism is huge for Andros with scuba diving being a major draw. The climate of the Bahamas is nice all year round in a subtropical categorization. Temperatures rage from 77 degrees to about 89 degrees during the course of the calendar year. If you ask me, that’s pretty wonderful and definitely my kind of climate.

Furthermore, the water in the Bahamas is always nice as well. The temperature ranges from 73 degrees to 82 degrees so it is always pleasant and comfortable for swimming or scuba diving to name a few popular activities. Although you’ll want to keep in mind that hurricane season is during their Summer and Fall so plan your trips accordingly. If you are anything like me, you like to understand governments of different places. That being said, the Bahamas for me is no exception. They are parliamentary constitutional monarchy, which means they are headed by a Queen. They enjoy rights of: freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of worship, freedom of movement and finally freedom of association. Their government is similar to that of the United Kingdom. In reference to jobs, tourism generates about half of all the jobs available in the Bahamas.

This probably is no wonder to you as we all would love to visit the Bahamas I’m sure. However, they have suffered a bit since 2008 because of the economic downturn. This has caused a drop in tourism as people aren’t having money to travel as much as they once did. The next largest generator of jobs is financial services. This is interesting as my husband is studying finance. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to do a short stint in the Bahamas for work! Another interesting fact about the Bahamas is that the national flower is the yellow elder. It is native to the country and blooms all throughout the year. Other prominent flowers include the bougainvillea, hibiscus, and poinciana. Now that we’ve discussed a bit bout the country, let’s discus what if you want to live there. The Reef Residences are a great option. It is high design beachfront living. They have beautiful units to purchase with a wide array of added benefits and amenities.

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