Carry-On Items

Antler Luggage

There are some things that you just do not want to leave behind in your checked luggage when you travel. If you remember these few items, your trip will be much more pleasant.

Gum. While bringing gum may sound like a small thing, it can make your trip so much better because you will feel better. Everyone gets that feeling of travel, you feel as though nothing is clean and that you smell kind of musty. Nothing feels fresh. When you pop a piece of mint gum in your mouth, the aromatic quality of the mint helps to wake your mind up and dust it off and it helps your breath. No one likes to have the aftertaste of airplane food in their mouth.

A sweatshirt. The beautiful thing about a sweatshirt is that it can double as a pillow. If you bring a sweatshirt that is big enough, you can spread it over your lap and lean on it so you have a fairly comfortable pillow. Some planes are cold and others are warm, if you are prepared then you are good for either. The two worst feelings to have when you are on a place is to be too hot or too cold. Shivering and sweating can make any trip miserable. Having a sweatshirt means you are prepared for the cold and you can use it like a pillow if necessary.

These two items fit in a carry-on and they do not violate any TSA laws, at least as of now, so you can bring them with no fear!

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