Mediterranean Cruises: Here’s Why You Need To See Ibiza and Mallorca

Cruises can be one of the best ways to enjoy your summer holiday and see a part of Europe that you have never had the chance to explore. While cruises can take you all over the world, there are two places that you must see if you are ever planning on enjoying a cruise: Ibiza and Mallorca.

Ibiza and Mallorca are both Mediterranean islands off the coast of Spain. Ibiza is just 79km from Valencia, and Mallorca (sometimes spelled Majorca) is the largest island in the Balearic archipelago. If you were planning on heading to the same part of Europe that you always visit during the summer months, read on for a few reasons why you need to see Ibiza and Mallorca this summer.

Ibiza is the Place To Go For a Great Party

If you’re someone who enjoys nightlife and being entertained well into the early hours of the morning, the team at Cruise 1st recommends that you look into cruises that go to Ibiza. Ibiza is well known for its energetic nightlife, clubs, electronic music, and bars. Cruising into Ibiza means you should spend at least one night in Eirissa or San Antoni, both of which are famous for their nighttime entertainment and award-winning DJs.

Even if you’re not one to stay up all night dancing to music, you can still enjoy the nightlife in these areas. Famous bars and restaurants can also be found here, and are must-stop sites if you’re in the area.

Ibiza’s Beaches and Warm Weather

You can’t deny it: sometimes the best reason to research cruises and leave the UK is simply to bask in warm sunshine. Ibiza is one of the best places in the Mediterranean to soak up some rays, get a tan, and relax. Ibiza enjoys typical Mediterranean weather, which means lots of sun, long hours of daylight during the summer months, and very little rain.

The beaches are breathtaking and are reason enough to look at cruises that go to the area. Ibiza boasts long beaches with white sand and clear blue water. What’s fantastic about Ibiza is that there are beaches that are family-oriented or secluded beaches, as well as the more populated beaches.

Don’t Miss Ibiza’s Markets and Festivals

Just because you’re traveling to a resort island doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the culture in the area. In the 1970s, Ibiza was known for its laid-back artists’ markets. Sometimes known as “hippie markets,” these markets are lots of fun to visit. You can pick up a great souvenir, trinkets, jewelry or an item of clothing for family or friends back home.

Ibiza is also home to some remarkable festivals. In addition to music festival, you can enjoy different religious festivals or traditional Balearic parties. For more information about Ibiza cruises, visit

Mallorca’s Nature is Breathtaking

Cruises that stop off in Mallorca are also worth considering for your holiday this coming summer. Unlike Ibiza, Mallorca is known as being a more laid-back destination. Often, tourists will go on cruises to Mallorca in order to see the fantastic natural beauty of this island. This island has more than 550km of coastline to explore and enjoy. While some of the beaches are more catered to tourists than others, you can be sure that you will enjoy some quality beach time while holidaying here.

In addition to white sand beaches, Mallorca has a phenomenal mountain range, known as the Serra de Tramuntana. Here, you can see beautiful olive groves, pine forests and small, local villages. Mallorca is also home to some magnificent caves, which the more adventurous can explore while here.

Mallorca’s Cities Are All Worth a Visit

Mallorca’s capital, Palma, is a popular tourist destination for lots of Western Europeans. However, this isn’t the only city that you should see if you’re looking at cruises to Mallorca. While Palma’s old architecture is fantastic, also be sure to visit Playa de Palma and smaller villages that can be found north of the capital.

By exploring different cities and villages, you will be immersed in the island’s culture, their unique history, and their fantastic food. Getting out of the bigger cities means you will likely find great food that is cheaper and less catered to tourists.

Mallorca Offers a Variety of Activities

While cruises here are fantastic for those who want to relax, lounge on the beach, and enjoy the sun, this destination is ideal for those who also like to mix in some activity. Caving is a popular activity for tourists, as is golfing, hiking and yachting. Mallorca is a favorite destination for cyclists, though; professional teams will travel here to enjoy the fantastic views while cycling on the well-kept roads. If you enjoy seeing a new destination from two wheels, consider renting a bicycle and touring the island this way. In addition to all of this, Mallorca also hosts music concerts each year. Again, check for more Mediterranean cruise suggestions.

If you know that you want to take a cruise this summer but you’re still not sure where you want to head to, you should consider visiting the beautiful islands of Ibiza and Mallorca this year. Cruises travel here frequently, and depending on the company you choose, you might even be able to fit in other Spanish stops during the course of your trip. Both of these islands will offer memorable holidays for everyone, whether you are looking for the perfect holiday to spend time with your partner or whether you are on the lookout for an entertaining trip for your kids. Ibiza and Mallorca are must-see Mediterranean destinations, and cruises here are a fantastic way to enjoy a few days (or weeks) off of work.

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