Taking a trip to Florida

Florida is a beautiful place that everyone should vacation to at some point in their lives. With it’s beautiful beaches, endless shopping, and fantastic attractions, this is a trip that you will give fond memories and great pictures that will last forever. As you embark on your Florida excursion there are a few places to consider spending a little time in, or even your whole vacation. Here are just a few suggestions;

First, an important item to consider. When you are vacationing to such a great place, you are taking pictures all the time. Since the best pictures are the ones with people in them, you are pretty much guaranteed to be in at least a few pictures everyday of your trip. Since preparing for a trip can be stressful and one of those times where it seems you can’t get everything done in time.  On this is a trip you can stop and see the Jacksonville barber as soon as you get there. You’ll enjoy this vacation more, knowing how great you look, and glad you did when you look through your pictures later. Now that you look good, you are ready for the rest of the adventure.

Theme parks are crowded to some, and amazing to others. Whether you have kids or not, Disney World is an amazing theme park that is so large, you have to have a few days to really see it all. As one of the most popular attractions, you won’t be the only ones in the park, but you will surely have plenty to see and enjoy as you visit its four kingdoms.

Another popular theme park in Florida would be the  Universal Florida Resort. As the largest of the Universal theme parks, it rivals Disney World, but clearly both would be amazing to spend time in. Both are fun and places that can be put in the category of “not to be missed.”

Since you are in a state that has such a long and lovely shoreline, you should give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the beach as you sit and soak in the sun and play in the beautiful ocean waters. Top rated beaches include South Beach in Miami as well as the Fort Lauderdale beach.

The Kennedy Space Center has been the launch site for many rockets since the 60s and is currently still launching unmanned rockets. It has great museums, gardens, and movies you can see. Although you can’t get much closer than 4 miles for a launch, this is a place that is an important part of history and one that is fun to learn about and to be able to see in person. This is a great attraction for visitors of all ages.

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