Taking An Unforgettable River Trip Through The Grand Canyon

One place many people visit yearly is the Grand Canyon.  The Grand Canyon is usually seen at the top of the rock.  This gives visitors a bird’s eye view of the beautiful horizon and stunning landscape.  A different way to see the Grand Canyon is to go river rafting.  Seeing the view of the canyon from the bottom of it is a whole new experience.  See the Grand Canyon is a whole new light when you river raft.

The area that allows for river rafting in the Grand Canyon is called Glen Canyon Dam.  The Grand Canyon Dam is the area where the river rafting starts.  The tour guide will guide you through a two-mile tunnel from the top of the dam to the bottom.  People will be prepped for the rafting adventure.  The river is called the Colorado River.  Tourists will ride the river and see some of the most breathtaking, one-of-a-kind scenery.  Some of the majestic wonders are canyon walls thousands of feet high, rapids that can’t be justified in a photograph, historic places, sandstone cliffs, abundant wildlife and the river’s history (including how it help shape the grand canyon).

Rafting on the Colorado River has levels of difficulty.  Arranged as ‘classes’ the levels range from sitting back and relaxing to an intense experience everyone can participate in.  The lower the class the easier the experience will be.  The classes range from one to five.  The sitting back and relaxing phase gives rafters an opportunity to take pictures and video while the tour guide does all the work.  The rough, intense version is too hands on to take a picture or video of the scenery.  One person may have to be chosen to do the sightseeing (pictures and video) while everyone else will work hard to keep the raft on course.

Like any river rafting adventure it’s best to be prepared.  Protective clothing like life jackets and waterproof clothing/shoes is very important.  Anything can happen and you want to be prepared for the worst.  We are hoping that the worst does not happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  The tour guide will make sure that everyone is prepared before boarding the raft.  Another thing to do is know how to raft.  A lot of people get on the raft and don’t know what they are doing.  Know how to use the oar to steer and control the raft from getting out of control.

If you get the chance to go river rafting does so.  It’s an exciting and fun adventure.  Going Grand Canyon rafting will be unlike any other experience you’ve ever seen.  Live for the challenge and plan this vacation as your next destination.

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