Things to do Before Heading on a Cruise

There are many things to do before you head on a cruise. For instance, you may consider laser hair removal. This is a quick, safe and permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair that needs to be taken care of before heading on a cruise and putting on a bathing suit. There are many benefits of laser hair removal. First, you will have smoother skin. No more prickly and stubby legs as your hair begins to grow back! Second, laser hair removal is a permanent procedure! This is great because you won’t have to shave or worry about hair growing back again in that area. Third, you won’t have to worry about ingrown hairs. This is nice that you won’t have the potential of getting these and the pain associated therewith. Fourth, by getting laser hair removal you will save time. It is a simple procedure, and think of all the time you will save in the future by never having to shave or wax again! You may be wondering how the lasers remove the unwanted hair from your body. Removal of hair is accomplished through the light energy of the lasers. The light from the laser is converted into heat, thereby disabling the hair follicle, and preventing the further growth of it. It is not invasive, but rather quick, safe and can cover relatively large areas of skin at a time. Of course you may be thinking in your mind that the process must be painful. Alas, it produces relatively minor discomfort, but of course this is different for everyone since everyone experiences a different level of pain tolerance. Location of where you are trying to remove hair and the coarseness of the hair in that area are two factors that play into the discomfort you may or may not experience during the treatment. Of course, we must be realistic and understand that the hair will not permanently disappear with one treatment. Rather six to ten treatments are usually typical but it is solely dependent on by the area that is being treated, skin color, hair color and the coarseness or fineness of the hair involved. Multiple treatments are needed since hair naturally grows in many phases over time. Laser hair removal however isn’t the only thing to do before heading out on a cruise. You will want to make sure your passport isn’t expired if you already have one, and if you don’t have one you will want to make sure that you obtain one. Sometimes this is a long process so make sure you send in the application with enough advance notice that you won’t miss your trip. Often when you book a cruise, you will receive information on the places the ship will be visiting. Plan ahead for excursions you may want to go on in each of the ports you will visit. Lastly, don’t forget the little toiletries and medications you may need. Sure these cruise ships are well equipped, but taking the time to be organized and plan ahead may reduce any unnecessary stress you shouldn’t need to experience while on your vacation. So plan early, and get some of things and others taken care of well in advance of your cruise departure date. But most importantly, have fun and enjoy!

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