Tips for Vacation with a Large Family

Many times large families may not go on vacations because it is too big of a hassle with so many people or it is just too expensive. Although both of these reasons are valid, there are ways to still go on a family vacation with a larger family and have it be a memorable experience. However there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, you may want to consider renting a house versus getting multiple hotel rooms for your vacation (you can use a service like The main reason is obvious that it will help you to save a lot of money since typically three people can sleep comfortably in a hotel room. Another benefit is that your whole family can be together and not separated by rooms. It helps to foster more of a feeling of togetherness since it is a family vacation after all. The only downfall with this option is not having the resort amenities, but depending on where you are vacationing this may or may not really matter. Second, bigger groups tend to scare people. For whatever reason I think they get anxious because there are more people to please and make sure are taken care of. So while you are on vacation with your larger family be aware of being extra nice to those around you. Tip those at the hotel who help carry bags to your room.

Make sure your children are told what it means to be respectful. Utilize the concierge and have them give you local ideas of what to check out that are budget friendly. Third, stock your hotel room. Often times things on vacations cost more than they do at a normal grocery store and with a lot of people, food can add up quickly. Consider stopping by a local grocery store and getting snacks and drinks that will help to keep the spending of eating out aside from meals under control. Also, doing this can help you eat healthier while on vacation because you can get fruits and vegetables and good whole grain crackers for instance. If you are somewhere warm, make sure you buy and drink plenty of water. Fourth, take advantage of group rates. Oftentimes activities might be discounted depending on the amount of people you have. Use this to your advantage and get in some fun experiences. You may even consider going on a fun family vacation with another large family for this very reason. Fifth, use amenities you are already paying for. If you are at a resort and have access to a pool or beach front, use that rather than trying to leave the premises to find entertainment. Sometimes resorts even have activities for the kids like arts and crafts or a theater room. Sixth, make sure to find an alternative to airport parking. Often times there are multiple options for nearby lots which are a lot more reasonable in price and they will shuttle you over to the airport. Or better yet, try to ask a friend or neighbor to take and drop you off. So don’t let your larger family discourage you from having fun and memorable family vacations. You will just need to do a little extra planning and preparation.

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