Tips to Secure Your Home Before Travel

BurglarWhen you are planning on leaving town for several days, you must take steps to protect your home. Your home will not be safe if you do not protect it. Criminals in the area know that you do not lock your doors, do not have a security system or do not take security seriously. You can use the tips below to make sure everyone in the area knows that you take security seriously.

Ask For A Patrol

You can contact the police of Sheriff’s office to have a patrol come by your home every day. Officers are required to exit their vehicle, check the perimeter of your home and make sure that it is still secure. This is a simple process, and it deters people from entering your home. Also, criminals in the area are not going to be active simply because they know that you have a patrolman coming by your home.

Lock Everything

Many people go day to day without locking all their doors and windows. This is not a problem because someone is usually in the house. People return home at the end of the day, and it is hard for someone to break into the house without being noticed. However, unlocked doors and windows are an open invitation to criminals when people are gone for long periods of time. A criminal can easily figure out which doors and windows are open, when the family is not home and when the break in.

Going through the house to make sure that every door and window is locked helps the house to remain secure. Criminals will be surprised when these doors and windows are locked, and it is possible that they could be caught simply because these doors or windows were locked.

Use A Security System

Security system monitoring is an inexpensive solution for most homeowners. The system can be armed when the family goes out of town, and the monitoring service does all the work. The security company makes sure that the local authorities are contacted if there is a break in, and the family will be contacted immediately. However, the homeowner must make sure that they arm their system to go off immediately while they are gone. Anyone who breaks in will set off an alarm that will wake up the whole neighborhood.

Every step above must be taken to make sure that the family is safe no matter when they go on vacation.

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