Visiting The Most Famous US National Parks

Take the trip of a lifetime when you visit a National Park. President Teddy Roosevelt came up with the idea of federal land reserves meant to protect and conserve wildlife. Activists like John Muir really got the idea going. Today there are many parks to see and fall in love with, including treasures like the natural wonders of the world. Explore one of these parks today to widen your view of the world in which you live.

Getting There

First you need to get there. Plan a trip around your dream vacation spot or based on where you live now. Chances are that there is a park nearer to you than you may know. For example, Northern California is home to Yosemite, which is right next to the Sequoia Park. State and National Parks abound. When you buy a pass you do your part to preserve the beauty around us. Some people take photography or paint the scenery to contribute to the cause of preserving life and unhampered glory for future generations. Consider taking a Charter Bus Kansas City to save on time, money, and overall travel expenses.

So take a road trip or fly there and start living what you dream. You might be able to secure a package deal. Just check online. And if you buy a seasonal pass you can come back again and again to take part in the majesty of wildlife. There is something enriching and calming to the soul about nature. Get yourself out into it to clear your mind and let go of the stress of electronics. You can appreciate more and learn about you in such an environment.


The wondrous Half Dome resides in this park in Northern California. The main hotel here is so booked that you have to secure your spot to be married there years in advance. That just tells you how sought after this experience is. On a bus tour, you can catch a glimpse of a brown bear or you can hike the dome with some friends, as long as you are up to the challenge. The mountains and redwood trees of the surrounding area really set this fantastic place apart on the map.


In Northern Idaho thrives beautiful Yellowstone National Park, home to Old Faithful. They say that some of the country’s best eateries are in the mile high resorts up there. So if you are looking to eat some delicatessen meat or just enjoy the reserve, visit the stark landscape of Idaho.

Grand Canyon National Park

One of the most famous parks in Northern America is the Grand Canyon Park. You can take a mule right down into the depths of the canyon or experience true darkness in one of the surrounding caves. See jewels embedded in walls and get a glimpse of untarnished beauty in Arizona.

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