Winter Ski Trips

One of the best things about winter is going to visit world class ski resorts in my backyard. I live in Utah which we claim is the “greatest snow on earth.” The dry conditions make for amazing powder that isn’t wet or sticky. In 2002 the world came and saw what we have been talking about for years when Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympics. There are 9 ski resorts within 1 hour of the airport. 9 resorts! You can chose and hangout with the younger crowd at Brighton Ski Resort, hit the slopes with the elderly at Deer Valley, or if you only want to be around skiers try Alta.

For the carefree traveler who doesn’t want to worry about the details of a ski trip Utah is the perfect place. You can get resort tickets at some of the hotels from the concierge (even at a discount) and then hit the slopes. No more driving for hours, just a quick car drive and you are there. Some people like to bring their own gear or you can rent gear at local shops or the resort for 20-40 dollars.

Park City Resort is probably one of the most famous resorts in Utah. Set in the backdrop of Park City, Utah the resort it is one of the few places where you can ski right into town for lunch and then take the lift right back for the afternoon. There are more than 100 runs and 3300 skiable acres. Tickets range in price depending on the day but usually around $70-80 dollars for a day pass.

Alta Ski Resort is in Little Cottonwood Canyon and very close to Salt Lake City. Alta does not allow snowboarders so if you are a skier and get annoyed by snowboarders this will be heaven. The snow is very light and fluffy and averages over 500 inches of snowfall a year. Tickets are 75 dollars for a day pass.

Brighton Ski Resort is in Big Cottonwood Canyon. This resort is full of teenagers and college kids, along with plenty of families. It is also known for its terrain parks. If this sounds like the place for you tickets are a bit easier on the wallet and only $64 for a day pass. Night skiing at Brighton is the best in Utah. There are tons of runs open even at night. There are many discounts each night including buy one get one free on Wednesdays if you buy passes at a local fast food restaurant.

Deer Valley will set you back a pretty penny at $106 for a day pass but for some it is worth it. Deer Valley is known for its top of the line services and has 90 runs and 1750 skiable acres.

Most people decide to try out a few of their resorts their first time in Utah and then they come back every year. It is hard to say which is my favorite and I live here. Trust me once you ski here you will want to come back over and over again.


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